Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have You Seen?

Pulse Mgmt's Stacey Eastman creAted the supermodels Ali Stephens, Hannah Holman and Coco Rocha long boards with artists Max Losee and together they launched

Check out the flavour on world famous modelina. Com keep riding girls.

"Erin Wasson, Lara Stone, Edita Vilkeviciute, Isabeli Fontana, and Toni Garrn already have their very own skateboards, thanks to Doodah’s Supermodel Skateboard Project, and some of the Elite girls decorated their own longboards.

But now Coco Rocha, Ali Stephens, and Hannah Holman have no reason to feel left out of the skate crowd. Losee Longboards created three new boards for the girls, and sent each model their very own. And Coco apparently felt inspired, as she purchased a scooter and took to the streets! Wonder what Ali and Hannah are doing with theirs?"


Coco and her love for the long board and shout out for partner Max Losee, the artist behind the boards.

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Stacey Eastman's vision and supermodels to combine with artist Max Losee in Nylon fashion mag

Nylong Mag. Click Here To Read The Article

"Models hit the street with their very own skateboard.

Some models land beauty campaigns. Others nab a pair of Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. But if you want street cred, there’s nothing more validating than getting your mug etched onto a skateboard.

So consider Coco Rocha, Ali Stephens, and Hannah Holman the hipster models of the year. The trio is literally the new face of Image Ride, a skateboard company by designer and artist Max Losee. It all started this past summer, when Losee realized that many of his customers weren’t using their longboards to ride—instead, they were mounting them on walls and treating them like works of art. Soon after, he launched the custom engraved board company Image Ride, celebrating in style by featuring Rocha, Stephens, and Holman on the first three boards ever produced for the brand.

But you don’t have to be an internationally recognized model to make it onto a deck. Upload your portrait (or any other image you’d like to see under your feet) and a few weeks later, you’ll get a customized longboard delivered to your door. Each maple/birch wood board comes with Randal trucks, Retro wheels, and Abec 7 bearings (which we hear is a big deal when it comes to riding). Each board is also numbered, much like a painting you’d see hanging on a gallery wall.

Even if you’re not getting calls to be the next face of YSL Skincare, getting your own Image Ride board means you’re sharing a campaign with Rocha."


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Pulse Mgmt supermodels launch their long boards concept Stacey Eastman and artist Max Losee

Canada's Online Lifestyle Magazine Check out the article here
Beauty and the Board
November 12, 2009
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Models make music, actresses venture into modeling, but models on skateboards? Hell hath frozen over.

Image Ride, a skateboard company by designer and artist Max Losee, has launched a new collection of boards with models’ mugs on them – specifically, trend setters Coco Rocha, Ali Stephens and Hannah Holman.

Made of maple/birch wood, each board comes outfitted with Randal trucks, Retro wheels, and Abec 7 bearings.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion Longboard

Coco and Stacey Eastman

Hannah and Stacey

Models.Com LongBoard

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The launch at fashion week NYC - the first ever supermodel long boards.

Come RIDE style!

Vision by Pulse MGMT's CEO Stacey Eastman and Losee Longboard Artist Max Losee. Super models Ali Stephens, Coco Rocha, and Hannah Holman.

Come RIDE style!

Supermodel Hannah Holman and her LB

Supermodel Ali Stephens with her LB

Pulse MGMT CEO Stacey Eastman and Ali Stephens

Ali Stephens RIDE at elite NYC

Monday, September 14, 2009

Image Ride